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Uneventful Vacation

HAHA! Commander Venus referense! Shit yeah.
Uh, yes. This really is a boring weekend.
I food-not-bombed it up yesterday. We fed a lot of people then. It was good. and when we were going back to the head quarters I saw will and adam going to a record store. fun. ehn. Then dish-cleaning. Then boring old home. Well. Actually it wasn't boring, because my parents and my brother and I played spades. That was fun. And then Rob came over and there was Rules of Attraction watching. Then some video on body art, which was good.
Uh. Today . . . nothing. being lazy. I went to Benihanna's though for my cousin's going away party to the marines or some shit. I hope he doesn't die. I hope no one has to in war.

I still have a day. If it ends up being eventful, I hope it's in a good way.
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