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Yay for Today

Yay for Freethinkers! It just gets better and better every damn time. Today.was.perfect. minus that one girl with the not-well-thought-out comments Ahhh. Soietal Apathy, Iragi war, and Censorship. BUhahahahahaha! And I loved hearing people's opinions. BUT! LaurEN, Nikki, LaurA, That-Chris-Kid, and Shawn didn't talk enough. Damnit! Voice your opinions. I want Sarah to come next time because she's ultra conservative Christian. She once told me I was going to hell. SO, Will, if you read this, tell your sister to come, and get your own ass ovah there too. I want more opinions. It's ALWAYS fun. AND! Next meeting we're going to have a "gay day" Alan decided. So, I'll haave to say stuff there. and I GUESS I'll make it known to everyone that I;m GAY. so. things. JT will deffinately speak out though. Haha! speak OUT.

Yay for learner's permit! Guh! Second one in line at the DMV and I passed by missing 6, so I just barely made it. BUt I got it nontheless. I was in the Bells Factory OUtlet Mall practicing and I hit the gas instead of the breack. Scared the shit out of me. I'm sure it did to my dad also.

Yay for better chemistry and geometry grades.

Yay for friends and things.

And just yay all around. Today is a good day. I like it.

Although Mrs. G. is beginning to get on my nerves in creative writing. She's being a blunt, pushy bitch. She needs to calm down just a bit.

That's all I really have to say.

I think I'm going to El Porton it up tonight. so yay for that too.

PS: yay for the amout of people in the GSA now. I feel more confident about the pending lawsuit now. I hope we don't have to doo it.

Peace out.
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